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Potable Water Supply
for Ships

Sudenor has boats and equipments fully prepared to supply any ship with certified potable wherever they are anchored, whether in the port area or along coastline. Our supply capacity exceeds 100t of per journey.

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Maritime Services and Port Support Navigation

Discover the extensive portfolio of maritime services and port support navigation that we can offer. Our modern and suitable equipment guarantees reduced and optimized costs for the needs of our customers

Cargo and Cabotage Maritime Transport

Sudenor is licensed to operate in the maritime transport of cargo in port areas and between coastal areas that interconnect Brazilian ports, which may represent an advantage to the logistical needs of our clients.



Sudenor. Navegação de apoio marítimo e portuário


Sudenor is a company founded in 1993 which business core is the activity of  maritime support and port navigation. Our area of operation covers ports and waterway terminals for services to vessels and port facilities in the states of Paraná, Santa Catarina and São Paulo. We seek to keep our fleet and equipment in a constant updating process in order to provide greater agility and efficiency to our services, combining our results and costs with the needs of our customers.

Sudenor. Navegação de apoio marítimo e portuário


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